Here's to 2019

Here we go! First full year in business for Jessalyn Meehan Films.

I launched JM Films in the Summer of 2018 and after a busy Fall season, went full-time in time for the holidays. At the time we were 3/4 of the way to our minimum booking goal. The amount that would justify quitting the day job. Now in February, we've hit that first milestone and will be slowing down the amount of weddings we book going forward.

2018 was an amazing beginning for this business, but there are so many possibilities now that it's my main focus. I am looking forward to connecting to other industry professionals and so many new brides and grooms. The wedding industry is its own world, filled with creative, dedicated people who just want to give you the best party you could imagine on your big day. 

2019 promises to see the expansion of JM Films through more weddings, more couples, more team members and more connections. Really looking forward to connecting with more people in the industry or just visiting it.

Here's to growth and camaraderie,