How We Got Here


The beginning of JM Films.

Since filming my first wedding in 2015, I have worked for a handful of local and national wedding brands. Some sent me off on my own to film an entire wedding, for others I was a second shooter. For one reason or another these jobs were never enough for me. The pay, the amount of work; I always wanted more.

After giving up on other companies handing over opportunities to me, I started investing in my own company. It was always something that was lingering under the surface: the idea of doing my own jobs, developing my own style and doing things myself. It wasn't my first choice. I was happy to not have to deal with all of the business stuff, the added stress and responsibility. But as soon as I started doing things under my own name and company I realized how much I had been missing out on.

When I worked for other companies I would show up to a wedding for a couple I had never met. I would film their wedding and then send the footage off to a company to edit it and deliver it to the couple. I would probably never see the final product and definitely not see any of the reactions from the couple. Or on the flip side, I would edit a wedding for a couple that I had never met and send it to the company to deliver. Again, no recognition from the couple, no reward.

Now I get to have a relationship with my couples before and after the wedding, whether that's emailing back and forth, chatting on the phone or commenting on one another's Instagram feeds. I get to ask them questions about their relationship and what they're looking forward to with their wedding. This way, when I get to the wedding, things make more sense and there are less surprises. It makes it easier to know what's going to be most important to this couple for me to capture.

Then I get to put together a film for this wedding that I experienced first hand. I get to send it to them personally and hear their feedback which helps inform me on future weddings.

This job is about people. Preserving their memories and making them happy. You can't take the people out of the equation, you must be able to connect with them.

Progress & connection,