Theresa & Jordan

Theresa & Jordan were the perfect couple to officially launch Jessalyn Meehan Films.

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Their entire wedding took place at the historic and stunning Adelphi Hotel in downtown Saratoga Springs. Theresa and her girls got ready in a gorgeous, open suite upstairs. The ceremony took place out back on the grass in 93 degree heat! Cocktail hour was on the patio and the reception was in a private banquet room.

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Their wedding was ideal to be captured on video, because included the most beautiful vows, speeches and a custom ceremony. Theresa and Jordan designed their wedding ceremony to be extremely personal. Their officiant, Theresa's cousin, spoke about their past, present and future as a couple. Family members read poems and even a quote from Winnie the Pooh. A live quartet played beautifully for them.


At the reception, more friends and family members gave speeches about their friendships with Theresa & Jordan and recounted how happy they make each other.

When a parent of a bride or groom gives a speech, it is almost always a show stopper. Who better to speak on your big day than the people who have been there for you since before day one, supporting you and always striving for the best for you and your happiness. It can be very powerful as it was with Theresa's father's speech. His love for his daughter is abundantly clear and his joy for his daughter's happiness is heartwarming.

In the end, it all added up to the perfect wedding video. A wedding video that will show you how to write a speech and how to throw one heck of a wedding.