John & Marnie

As the girlfriend-of-the-cousin-of-the-groom, I was invited to John & Marnie's wedding as a guest. We surprised them last minute with a video, which was unofficially the first wedding under Jessalyn Meehan Films.

It was a beautiful Catholic wedding on a rainy day. But as with most weddings that get rain, there's always at least enough sunshine to get outside for some beautiful shots. This one included a rainbow!

This was also the first time I got to fly my drone over the ocean resulting in some of my favorite drone work. Getting used to flying a drone takes a lot of practice. You have to pay attention to the drone body in the air, watch the screen to see what you’re capturing and keep an eye on obstacles (sometime animate ones that are moving towards your drone- looking at you, seagulls). It was especially nerve-wracking flying over an infinite body of water with the accompanying shore winds. However, the risk really paid off with some wild, movie-like shots.

The reception was a blast at the Hotel Alcott in Cape May, New Jersey and included some spectacular dance moves as well as a few heartfelt family speeches.

The perfect recipe for a good wedding video: fun & loving family and an in-love couple enjoying their big day.